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The vibrant landscape of Canada, exotic Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and the land of variety India are the most popular destinations for every type of travelers.

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Explore Canada

Stunning Canada offers the most spectacular sights and a variety of places for travel lovers from beautiful mountain ranges, parks, lakes and urban architecture.


Vancouver offers an amalgamation of natural beauty….

Rocky mountains

Popularly referred to as the Rockies, the Rocky Mountains are…


A popular ski destination, your Whistler tour can be a day trip…


Victoria is an island city that blends old-world charm with modern…

Experience India

India is unique in its own way. Witness an impromptu festival, explore the blissfully untouched and undiscovered remote lands. Find your spiritual quest, discover the world’s most incredible wildlife and challenge yourself with adventurous and spectacular road trips

Relax and Meditate

Relieve your stress, and tension, relax the body and mind….

Fairs and Festivals

Celebrate the festivals of color, lights, ceremonial immersion and…

Natural Habitat

See a wide variety of species in their natural habitat, providing an experience into…

Exotic Locations

Reduce stress, restore your strength, rolling hills, and gushing waterfalls….

Heritage of India

With a cultural heritage that spans thousands of years, India has a rich….

Specials and Luxury Tours

Experience unique and new attractions of India that may change your….

Urban destinations

Experience the spirit of the bustling city of India. These major metropolises….

Discover Dubai

Dubai is the fast-growing and most visited city in the world. Visit the world’s tallest building, enjoy a desert safari and the magnificent shopping malls, and much more.

Experience, Art & Culture, and Sights & Attractions of Dubai