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Victoria is an island city that blends old-world charm with modern experiences. Adorned with flowers and colonial architecture, Victoria is a wanderer’s paradise. Admire the beauty of the ocean and reflect on the area’s history as you explore this vibrant city.

Upon reaching Vancouver Island, you’ll be taken on a scenic coastal drive, through James Bay, to Victoria. The city has a long history that is visible in its architecture and culture. A sightseeing tour of downtown Victoria will follow. This will include the iconic Empress Hotel, Inner Harbour and Government Street. Your guide will show you the parliament buildings as well.

Some of the most popular tourist spots include the Butchart Gardens and the Royal British Columbia Museum. You may also enjoy cycling tours around the city or try whale watching tours, depending on the season.

Things to Do


  1. Visit the Iconic Empress Hotel
  2. Explore Butchart gardens and Royal BC Museum.
  3. Take the Downtown Victoria sightseeing tour


  1. Take mini ferry ride.
  2. Enjoy Whale watching.
  3. Enjoy scenic coastal drive

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