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The world’s second-biggest country, Canada, is truly a land of tranquility and magnetic beauties. It has lately become the most sought-after travel destination among people. It boasts of scenic charms, bustling city lives, extraordinary meals, and a happy culture like nowhere else. These factors also contribute towards making Canada one of the most preferred countries to settle for a lifetime.

Also popularly known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes,” Canada is the perfect destination for holidays. Whether you are looking for a getaway amidst untouched landscapes and waterfalls or wish to explore the magnificent architectures and amazing water sports, Canada has them all.

Best Places to Travel in Canada

Canada is home to dozens of attractions nestled across its beautiful cities. Each city is known for its unique set of attractions, promising you an experience of a lifetime. Allow us to give you an insight into the five must-visit places to add to your itinerary to explore Canada:

1. Niagara Falls:

Your visit to Canada will be incomplete without a visit to the magnificent Niagara Falls. The destination that left you fascinated when studying about it in school is a sight not to be missed. An amalgamation of the three waterfalls – the American Falls, the Horseshoe Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls, the elegant Niagara Falls is a sight of wonder.

  • Best time to Visit: June – August
  • How to Reach: 30-40 minute drive from Buffalo-Niagara International Airport
  • Things to Do: Take in the breathtaking views of the gorgeous waterfalls; experience an adrenaline rush at Wild Play Niagara’s Zip line; explore the themed zoo and amusement park Marine land

2. Vancouver:

Next up in line to explore Canada should be the bustling city of Vancouver. Nestled in the west coast seaport in British Columbia, Vancouver has regularly listed under the “world’s most livable cities”. In addition, a famous French city, Vancouver is a haven for foodies, shopaholics, culture-driven, and adventurous travelers. Right from vast valleys and dense forests to parks with red-orange colored trees, the city will astound you.

  • Best time to Visit: April – October
  • How to Reach: Flight to Vancouver International Airport
  • Things to Do: Explore the Museum of Anthropology; Stroll or cycle around Stanley Park; take in the beauty of Chinese gardens in Chinatown; indulge in fresh seafood, especially salmon

3. Rocky Mountain:

Boasting a spectacular 415 square miles of space, the Rocky Mountain is home to Canada’s highest national park. The range comprises 77 peaks that invite hikers and mountaineers alike to experience the wilderness. Hidden among the dense forests are fields of wildflowers, crystal-clear lakes, hilly slopes, and a variety of fauna species.

  • Best time to Visit: June – September
  • How to Reach: 2-hour drive from Denver International Airport
  • Things to Do: Hike the Emerald Lake Trail and Bear Lake; explore the wide museum collections at Moraine Park Museum and Beaver Meadows Visitor Centre; enjoy skiing and snowshoeing during winters

4. Whistler:

This beautiful destination is where people from across the globe fly in to spend memorable winter vacations. Whether you are a thrill-seeker or just someone who loves to admire the snow-capped mountains while indulging in a hot beverage, the place has it all. Whistler is also a destination where you can experience a perfect blend of local and international flavors in the form of food, culture, events, and more.

  • Best time to Visit: December – March, June – August
  • How to Reach: 2-hour drive from Vancouver International Airport
  • Things to Do: Enjoy skiing and snowshoeing; learn the unique culture by indulging in local cuisines; explore the many cultural museums and centers

5. Victoria:

If you are looking for historical learning’s during your visit to Canada, then you should extend your stay in the city of Victoria. Also known popularly as the “City of Gardens,” Victoria highly contributes towards maintaining the rich heritage of the British culture. The city hosts a minimum of one million visitors annually who visit to explore the beautiful gardens.

  • Best time to Visit: March-May, September – November
  • How to Reach: 4-hour drive from Vancouver
  • Things to Do: Take a history lesson at the Royal British Columbia Museum; explore the magnificent Parliament Buildings; sample delicious wines at the many wineries; take a tour of the many gardens including Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, and Mediterranean Garden.