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Did you know that Vancouver is home to the world’s only wind tribune named the “Eye of the Wind”? Brimming with zestfulness and endless scenic beauty, Vancouver attracts millions of tourists annually. It is that destination on Earth where you can say, “There is so much to do!” Right from the array of activities including skiing, surfing, and snorkeling to exploring beaches, restaurants, and parks, Vancouver has them all.

Five Best Things to Do in Vancouver

Vancouver is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. This cosmopolitan city on the West Coast of Canada boasts a variety of activities and breathtaking attractions. You can stroll around the city, book a cab to explore around, or go local by hopping on public transport systems that cover major attractions.

1. Cycle or Stroll around Stanley Park:

Covering a magnificent area of 1,001-acre landside Vancouver, Stanley Park is a remarkable sight. The orange-red leaves covering the ground promises to give you some amazing insta-worthy pictures. You can explore the Aboriginal village sites that reside within the park or simply marvel at the sight of sea lions and dolphins swimming in the sea. What is more? Rent a bicycle and cover the 8.8-kilometer seawall stretched around the park.

2. Learn About Marine Life at Vancouver Aquarium:

Home to more than 50,000 marine animals, the Vancouver Aquarium is a must-visit. People from across the globe visit the aquarium to witness the beautiful animals including sea otters, sea lions, jellyfish, sea turtles, walruses, penguins, reptiles, and birds. Additionally, the aquarium hosts a variety of activities and educational tours. This is the best way to give children and adults alike an insight into the wonderful facts and details about the massive marine life.

3. Visit the Museum of Anthropology:

Vancouver is said to be one of the youngest cities in the world. Moreover, its population is a mix of people from different ethnicities, which is why you will come across many cultures around the city. A visit to the city’s beloved Museum of Anthropology will offer you the chance to learn all about the Aboriginal cultures. This is the place where you can understand the roots of the land and explore its relationship with global communities from its commencement to the present.

4. Go Hiking to the Grouse Grind:

Popularly known in Vancouver as “Mother Nature’s Staircase,” the Grouse Grind hike is the perfect activity for outdoor enthusiasts. This 2.9 km trail comprises 2,830 stairs and sees a minimum of 150,000 hikers each year. Reaching the top awaits a panoramic view of mountains and wooden cabins. Relax and take in the breath-taking view around and hop on one of the Grouse Gondolas for a scenic ride back to the base.

5. Explore the Beautiful Chinese Gardens:

Tourism Vancouver sees a huge spike of visitors each year flocking the marvellous Chinese gardens of the city. The colourful neighbourhood will astound you with its array of cherry trees, traditional homes, ponds, and pretty coffee shops. Savour some authentic Chinese delicacies and sit down in the gardens to be mesmerised by the natural beauty around. You can then head to the museum to learn about the garden’s Feng Shui and cultural authenticities.

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